The global partner for our clients’ business growth


We are the GTC customs law firm that serves total consulting in relation
to the international trade and the customs clearance in the world where economic
and global circumstances are drastically changing.



  • Import and export Customs Clearance

    Import/export customs clearance of goods imported/exported through domestic ports and airports.

  • Customs Refund

    Consulting services that allow clients to receive a refund of excessively paid taxes and subsidies.

  • Customs Inspection

    Response work to prevent additional collection and penalties arising from corporate review by the Customs Service.

  • AEO Consulting

    Consulting so that AEO certification granted to faithful companies can be carried out at the fastest and most competitive cost

  • FTA Consulting

    FTA consulting so that goods of our clients imported and exported by trading with FTA contracting countries can receive FTA preferential treatment.

  • Customs Investigation

    In the event of an investigation due to a problem in customs administration, we act as a facilitator to avoid unreasonable penalty for the company.

  • Administrative Dispute

    Litigation services for the relief of rights when a customer has been subjected to an illegal or unfair disposition in relation to customs administration.

  • Food, etc. quarantine

    Work with relevant government departments to ensure that there are no problems with the import of imported goods that require quarantine, such as food.

  • Education

    Provide education services for requested fields such as import and export customs clearance, trade, and FTA etc.

  • Hunting International Clients

    Providing solution in creation of various business models as well as hunts for international client based on AI & Big Data from our partner, True Aid Company

  • Hunting Domestic Clients

    Diversification Strategy Consulting for sales channel in connection with TV Shopping and Live Commerce provided by Purple Box, our partner company

  • Overseas Logistics

    Overseas logistics such as shipping companies and airplane bookings and overseas freight estimate service provided.



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