We, GTC (Global Trading Consulting)

Customs Corporation prioritize our clients' growth, seek the best partnership for shared growth based on 3G.

  • Global Service

    To meet the international
    needs of our clients, we provide
    services in collaboration
    with overseas partners.

  • Good Network

    We suggest the best ways
    to maximize sales through
    domestic distribution

  • Gathering Information

    We provide all necessary
    information and services
    suitably for quick and easy
    import and export.

COE (Code of Ethics)

We, GTC Customs Corporation, as a company that constitutes society and engages in economic activities,
have established a code of ethics that is a reasonable judgment standard to play a role as a member of the economic cycle system through the development
of the national economy and continuous job creation. We promise to carry out our activities.

  • 01 We strive to create a culture for the happiness of our employees and realize a fair society where the rewards for our efforts are rewarded.
  • 02 We maintain security for all matters related to our clients and establish an organic communication system with our clients.
  • 03 We avoid matters that violate fair trade such as rebates and aim to create profits through fair competition.
  • 04 We pay attention to the marginalized in our society and strive to create a society where we can live together.